Managed VSAT




As the need for connectivity continues to rise, satellite operators are beginning to see increased adoption of their technology in the Maritime and Aero markets. These rapidly expanding industries need higher data rates and are turning to satellites as a viable solution.

The success of the maritime industry depends on its ability to be flexible. A global resource management system, as well as ensuring bandwidth efficiency and operational scalability, are paramount. An intelligent network solution is essential for improving efficiency in a world of fast change and evolving regulations.


- SAT broadband networks improve ship-to-shore communications and boost business productivity.
- We provide trusted global coverage through our unrivaled Satcom and terrestrial hybrid network.
- We take responsibility for integrating everything, from handling your critical data to the most advanced cyber security.
- Contracts are sold based on a MIR and a CIR.
- High-speed upgrades are available, an excellent feature for when guests are on board.



- Improve Operational Efficiency
- Improved Onshore Access & Interaction
- Competitive Edge for Fast & Reliable Decisions
- Ease of Installation and Integration
- 24/7/365 Technical Support

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