Mobile Satellite Service (MSS)


Mobile Satellite Service (MSS).


An uptime-guaranteed backup solution that uses a pay-per-use costing model. Unlike higher-bandwidth fixed satellite systems such as Ku- and Ka-band, MSS operates at a low frequency that minimizes rain fade. You can also mount terminals in vehicles so that communications continue while the car moves.

A terminal device can range from a handheld to a laptop-size device. In addition to enabling efficient communication and data transfer between parties, they are ideal for businesses, institutions, and humanitarian organizations.


- Small and lightweight satellite terminals that can transmit both voice and broadband data simultaneously worldwide.
- These terminals are ideal for emergency offices located in remote areas, as they ensure communication availability.
- The Thuraya satellite network uses multiple high-power spot beams with digital beam-forming capabilities to form beams in any part of its satellite footprint, creating an efficient and scalable system.
- The Thuraya system is unique because it employs on-board processing and can distribute system resources (power and spectrum) as needed.



- Cost-Effective & Fully Programmable
- Easily Track & Monitor Assets
- Global Access
- Ideal for Emergency Situations
- Hardware Ideal for Harsh Environments

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