VSAT and IoT drives best out of the Vessel’s performance

VSAT and IoT drives best out of the Vessel’s performance

Unstable conditions, Lack of proper Coverage and risky delays while your system connects to a satellite.

Vessels have had several issues with the traditional network system which impede their productivity and efficiency. It has been a worrying affair for the Vessel owners and their staff, to the extent of security and safety of the vessel and its crew. The unstable conventional system is an unmanaged network that could prove menacing to Vessels and businesses associated with it. It focusses on enabling ‘just’ connectivity and is not much concerned with the several other aspects of Vessel’s communication. Their poor bandwidth makes all the things discussed as normal, when you’re on board.

The Complexity of the unmanaged VSAT networks have resulted in various mishaps and losses for Vessels in the last decade, causing a need for an innovative managed network in the industry.

The connectivity at sea is experiencing tremendously enormous developments with a reliable managed network and a stronger internet becoming the essence for Vessel’s faster connectivity and uninterrupted communication.

Every technology is not the trend, it is the proper management and fusion of solutions, that makes its way towards a better communication network.

Therefore, a managed VSAT network along with well-designed IoT features is the solution and a need for what Vessel’s demand for. It is also a key investment for crew welfare and development. It drastically decreases operating costs while adding value to the Vessel’s performance. It sets up a platform for a sustainable network for monitoring system and a robust communication, regardless of weather or regional conditions.

Maritime IoT is the trend and future of the industry for crew communication and to maintain a well-organized offshore facility.

VSAT with the application of IoT (Internet of Things) significantly increases its productivity of communication network, as the transmission of data could be enhanced with no human intervention. VSAT with IoT highly digitalizes the vessel’s operation and brings up satellite communication to intelligent and smart operations. This has brought up a new concept in the Vessel’s connectivity platform that is a concept of a “Smart Vessel”. A “Smart Vessel” is highly reliant on satellite communication’s two cost-effective features which are VSAT and IoT. It prioritizes and facilitates rapid data transmission for optimum inter-shore communication. VSAT and IoT establish a highly automated network to increase the operational efficiency of the Vessel and tends to result it in less labor intensive. High – speed data transmission makes the decision-making board clearer on formulating plans and strategies through uncertainties. It is unconditionally a flexible network with guaranteed operational and managerial excellence.

It offers seamless leisure and entertainment facilities on board during voyages across the oceans. High-speed internet connectivity and communication with your family and friends is a matter of need whether on a yacht or a commercial vessel to maintain a work-life balance, boosting employee’s productivity as well.

Apart from operational efficiency, productivity and high-speed data transmission, what matters ultimately is the safety of Vessel and employees working in it. VSAT and IoT together bring predictability to alarm any technical or any other issue to the engineers and to the offshore office, to facilitate all the technicians and experts at the offshore location can assist in avoiding an unlikely event.

NorthTelecom provides a comprehensive satellite communication solution MaritimeConnekt specially to cater to Maritime industry. We offer it through our Ku, Ka and C band satellites thus, having a platform to provide for a reliant communication across the globe. A flawless traffic management system across each spot beam around the world keep’s the vessel on track without and fuel wastage and facilitating and effective time management.

Our network enables ship’s performance management system up and running round the clock keeping vessel’s overall performance such as, fuel consumption, trim optimization, speed loss etc. in check. MaritimeConnekt also lets real time weather update system works pro-actively with IoT, so you stay safe and your operations never get hindered.

With more than operational optimization, our maritime solutions offer entertainment on board services, so you remain relaxed and increase your productivity whether you are partying in a yacht or working on a vessel. Video conferencing and talk time with flexible plans as an add-on features for on board entertainment.

NorthTelecom provides 24/7 support to Vessels to ensure unbounded and uninterruptable connectivity and keep them in line with the trends in maritime communication.

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