Importance of Satellite Communication for Businesses

Importance of Satellite Communication for Businesses

Imagine a world without the internet. No Google, email, facetime, zoom meetings, trading, social media, online shopping, gaming, or maps. Not even Netflix.

While it seems unimaginable, it is a reality for millions who still have no access to the internet. Most of these people live in rural and remote parts of the world, where connectivity is still a pipe dream. And while they can comfortably go about their mundane lives without the internet, companies operating in such locations might not survive.

Enters satellite communication solutions. Using signals from extraterrestrial satellite beams to communicate helps these companies stay connected with virtual networks and run their operations efficiently.

Advantages of Satellite Internet and Communication for Businesses

Remain Connected Everywhere

Many companies operating in rural and isolated places prefer satellite communication services because they are reliable in the deepest, remote areas. In addition, unlike traditional internet transmission, where connections are made via cell towers and terrestrial networks such as cables, satellite communication relies on signals from space.

This makes it ideal for businesses that operate in challenging and remote locations where cellular networks can easily get lost due to congestion, unfavorable environmental conditions, and damaged transmitters.

Whether you own a fish vessel and spend most of your time out in the sea or work in desert oil and gas rigs, satellite communication solutions can ensure you stay connected in any area.

Communicate Better During Disasters

The only thing that can worsen a disaster is communication breakdown. This can be a matter of life and death for humanitarian professionals and emergency responders during critical missions.

Most terrestrial network transmitters get destroyed during natural and artificial disasters, making them highly unreliable for rescue missions. For example, earthquakes, hurricanes, fires, and other disasters can destroy cables and cellular transmission wires, disrupting communication during disasters.

On the other hand, satellite communication is unaffected by such incidents, making them the most reliable communication solutions in mission-critical situations. From satellite phones to the internet, emergency respondent teams can track victims and communicate internally and externally without the added worry of poor connectivity to their teams.

Connect to Everyone Securely

With increased connectivity, companies must take extra steps o avoid data thieves and cyber attacks. Satellite communication solutions come encrypted to prevent unwanted access. Furthermore, satellite phones are secured to avoid interception and leakage of conversations. Additionally, satellite communication service providers offer 24/7 support systems that monitor networks for suspicious activity. Business owners can communicate with confidence because of such satellite communication solutions.

What are the Types of Satellite Communication Solutions for Businesses

Now that you know the advantages of satellite communication, we will highlight some of the best solutions you can choose for your business.

Satellite Broadband Networks

Satellite internet connects you to the internet via satellite. You can connect worldwide using different devices, provided they are Wi-Fi enabled. There are many satellite broadband packages, and you need to consider your usage and budget. This will differ with each project and industry, but it is better to go for higher bandwidth to avoid downtime. Apart from VSAT, you can opt for Backup VSAT to keep you connected during unforeseen emergencies.

Satellite Phones

Satellite phones are tried and tested mobile devices used by remote teams working in marginalized conditions to communicate. They are designed ruggedly to withstand different weather conditions, topographies, and extreme conditions in general.

Satphones are popular because they can connect to any other phone regardless of location or operator. You can send texts or call anyone with a regular phone. Besides the expansive network coverage, sat phones have a long battery life. Some of the best satellite phone brand options include Iridium, and Inmarsat.

In conclusion, satellite communication is an essential investment for businesses that operate in rural and remote locations where regular cellular coverage is unstable. With satellite-backed solutions, you can rest assured that your teams will operate efficiently without interruption in their communication.

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