Northtelecom Joins The University of Manchester to Champion Inclusivity and Diversity

Northtelecom Joins The University of Manchester to Champion Inclusivity and Diversity


Inclusivity and diversity are some of our fundamental values at Northtelecom and we usually look out for social impact projects that embody these in our corporate social responsibility endeavors. While we are committed to our core mandate of connecting people and organizations in remote areas via our satellite communication solutions, we embrace social responsibility initiatives that connect underserved and marginalized communities to life-changing opportunities.

A case in point was our 2021 initiative to donate towards the University of Manchester Middle East Centre’s “Adopt a School”  program. The cause is part of the larger Dubai Cares and Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s Global Initiatives to alleviate poverty and suffering in marginalized communities. It aims to give thousands of children and young people in developing countries a chance to improve their lives through educational opportunities.

This program is unique in that it goes beyond the construction and renovation of educational facilities and dedicates resources towards facilitating actual learning activities in the “adopted schools.” This includes supplying books and learning materials, conducting teacher training, and driving adult literacy.

Our donation towards the  “Adopt a School” Nepal chapter helped to build three classrooms that serve 90 students and facilitate literacy activities for parents and adults. This provides a wholesome and inclusive learning experience in a community grappling with poverty, forced slavery, child labor, and many other disparities.

Last week, we were honored to attend the Annual Women in Business Forum organized by the University of Manchester Middle East in Dubai. Experts from different industries gathered at the event to dissect the vast agenda of inclusivity. We were again reminded of the vital role that private-public partnerships, such as the ‘Adopt a School’ initiative, play in fostering inclusivity and bridging gender-based discrimination and other forms of inequity in society. Ultimately, such initiatives are the building blocks for diverse and inclusive ecosystems that address the entire community’s needs.

Diversity and inclusivity are of great importance to Northtelecom Group, and this is best reflected in the different nationalities of our workforce. However, we are well aware that education is just the beginning, and this is why we have created workplace policies that embrace inclusivity.

For us, the journey to becoming the most inclusive company in the world may start at the office but extends to the underrepresented groups in our communities at large. This defines our corporate social responsibility mandate and the impact we hope to make for this and future generations. We cannot wait to share our upcoming CSR activities with you, so follow us on social media to receive our updates.

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