Outsourcing a NOC Service Provider

Outsourcing a NOC Service Provider

NOCs or Network operations centers (NOCs) are IT-managed services centers that provide a range of hands-on services that cover server and workstation monitoring, application monitoring and troubleshooting, fault recovery, and capacity planning. NOCs protect organizations from disruptions and system failures and are typically used by small and large corporations or enterprises with comprehensive network infrastructures, complex networks, and mission-critical systems to ensure uptime.

NOCs are a critical part of any organization’s network infrastructure. They ensure that your network is always running smoothly and efficiently by providing 24/7 monitoring and support, resolving issues before they cause significant disruptions, and ensuring that users can access the resources they need safely.

Network operations centers (NOCs) help organizations reduce infrastructure management costs and increase network uptime by providing constant monitoring and support. In addition, NOCs coordinate with other teams within the business to resolve issues quickly, improve performance by implementing new technologies such as SD-WAN, and provide authentication services for remote users accessing the network. NOCs also offer remote access to IT staff for troubleshooting purposes and work alongside other teams like the help desk or tech support whenever necessary.

Setting up a center to monitor the network can be time-consuming and expensive for some companies and they prefer to outsource these services with expert solutions using hi-tech facilities and tools. Choosing the right NOC service provider is critical to the performance and security of a company. You must select a service provider with an excellent reputation for adhering to the best practices of network operations management.

Operational Procedures

NOC operations heavily rely on established guidelines and processes to be successful. Therefore, a straightforward standard operating procedure is essential, whether identifying, probing, or escalating an issue to the right person.
A NOC service provider must convince you that every step of identifying and dealing with network issues is appropriately covered. Automated activities for specific processes are a good indicator of a smooth process as it reduces bureaucracies and unnecessary delays.
Additionally, proper documentation of all the procedures and incidences must be in place to help track all the activities in the NOC center.

Technological Tools and Solutions

NOC centers handle vast amounts of data, and integrated tools and platforms are necessary for monitoring and security. A good operator will have the right tools to facilitate the integration of your company systems and track the same. Confirm whether the NOC service provider has an evaluation and reporting system, as this is crucial in identifying and sealing network loopholes. Such systems must be able to measure KPIs and metrics relevant to your company and industry.

Personnel Capacity

A NOC team consists of analysts, administrators, engineers, and operators. They must stay updated with the latest tactics and practices in relevant industries. For example, NOC engineers practicing security monitoring must be well-versed in cybersecurity. A NOC operator must also have a meticulous induction training process for new team members.

Support System

One of the biggest challenges in outsourcing NOC services is receiving necessary support during a network crisis. 24/7 customer support should not just be on paper but in action, and the best way to prove this is through research, reviews, and testing of the NOC service provider before making any commitments.

Ultimately, NOC monitoring services can help your company grow in productivity and profitability and protect you from serious security breaches. However, this is only possible if you find an experienced and reliable operator. For the past 15 years, Northtelecom group has helped companies make profits and avoid data breaches through our reputable global NOC services. Regardless of the industry and location, we guarantee the best-in-class NOC team and system to benefit your company.

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