Top 5 Features of the iDX 4.1.4 Software Upgrade

Top 5 Features of the iDX 4.1.4 Software Upgrade

Northtelecom always strives to ensure its customers get premium services and equipment. This is why we recently upgraded our iDirect software to keep it in tandem with the latest technological advancements. Our tech team worked tirelessly on this project to ensure the software update was as seamless as possible.

The newly installed software is the latest version released from the iDirect Evolution platform. Given the reputation of iDirect products in the satellite communications industry, this development sets us apart from other players who are still using dated versions of iDirect software and those offering different router products and technology.

Benefits of the iDX 4.1.4Software Upgrade

Besides the overall bandwidth efficiency, this new software upgrade will benefit our customers in many ways, making using our satellite internet services easier.

Higher Throughput for Modems with the Use of iQ Modem

One of the main advantages of the new hardware setup at the Hub-side is that it comes with additional licenses to support iQ Modems. The iDirect software upgrade gives customers direct access to iQ modems that support higher throughput by 50% on the Downstream and 25-30% on the upstream. All these can be connected via the X5, X1, and X7 modems.

The upgrade includes key hardware such as the Intelligent Gateway PP servers and the ULC line cards. These hardware features can activate the DVB-S2X mode on the downstream and the 16QAM mode on the upstream, thus increasing the overall network throughput for particular satellites by more than 100% for the Downstream and around 50% for the Upstream.

iVantage API

The updated software lets customers access the new Webservices iVantage API tool via the iDirect Evolution Platform. This tool can create, read, update, and modify remote configurations. Customers can also use API features such as reading basic BUC, LNB, network carrier, in-route group, and spacecraft information to facilitate remote configuration activities.

MESH Network Support

The traditional double-hip MESH network system is known to have latency issues. The software upgrade resolves using X7-EC modems combined with extra hardware at the hub side, such as the Single Board Computing Servers (SBC).

Layer2 Over Satellite

The iDirect network can support Layer-2 over satellite and with QinQ configuration(double VLAN tag). This activates network transparency, meaning customers who use any Layer 3 protocol, such as IPv6, OSPF, and BGP can be transported seamlessly across the satellite network.


Older versions of iDirect systems still use a 1:1 mapping feature from feeding links to frequencies in the service beams. This limits the systems as it does not support cross-strapping. However, with the upgraded systems, customers can access the Fan-In-Fan-Out feature to manage cross-strapped networks. 

In addition to all the above features, the latest iDirect software upgrade includes multiple enhancements such as Multicast Fastpath, Link Encryption, VRRP, and LAN Monitoring for remote activities. These features resolve concerns from older iDirect software versions, making it faster, easier, and more efficient for our customers to access satellite networks. 

Northtelecom customers can contact our sales and support teams to upgrade to the new iQ series modems and access all the above and many more features.

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